With thousands of collective streams to date, of multiple singles on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, among other streaming websites, Winnipeg singer, songwriter, and bandleader Olubunmi Oduntan – BunmiPraise has continued to work tirelessly to cement her place in the Canadian gospel and inspirational music landscape.
Having won the Musicianship and Best Performance Overall Award from Concert on Request, Manitoba, the “You are Great” singer has continued to organize several music concerts, live gigs, studio recordings, cross-cultural gatherings, dinners, award shows, and other places that showcase the pride and beauty of the sound of music.
BunmiPraise believes that even though good melodies, fantastic lyrics and great chords are essential for good music production, a great music career should not be limited to the studio. She attributes her success primarily to her ability to create reactions and evoke specific emotions from her audience. She crafts her music from specific events and real-life experiences, making it quite relatable to her audience.


On Saturday October 16, 2010, after returning from a family vacation from the United Kingdom, I decided to visit the salon on this Saturday afternoon because the salon I patronize is always busy on Sundays.

So, I took my car “a Toyota corolla” and drove to the salon on Bode Thomas in Surulere. On my way back, I decided to follow a shorter route as there was a heavy traffic on the major road. As I drove along, I saw a commuter Bus (what we call Danfo in Nigeria) ahead of me. Suddenly the bus stopped and some Men in Black came out from the bus. In my mind, I thought they were Police men and I was stopped for a check as they approached. But on getting to me, they frighteningly ordered me to open the doors to the car with a gun pointed at me; at that point, it dawned on me that they were armed robbers/men of the underworld.

As I opened the car for them, they took over the wheels and pushed me to the back seat with three of them in the car; one of them drove, another sat beside the driver and the last person sat beside me with a gun pointed at me. After snatching the car and having me in the car, they took off and snatched another car from a man, shot him and sped off – at that instance, I knew I was in between life and death.